Powerful open source group chat

Run your own server

Download a client

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Here's why you'll love it

Make sense of your messages

Every conversation in Zulip has a topic, so it’s easy to keep conversations straight. Are your coworkers discussing a software bug and the content of your website at the same time? No problem.

Never miss the conversations you care about.

Sometimes, important things get discussed when you’re not around. Unfortunately, so do a lot of unimportant things.

Zulip makes it easy to review the conversations you missed, so you can focus on that important project without having to catch up on how Jim’s guitar lessons are going.

Fast and powerful search.

An impressive amount of knowledge lives in your chat system. Zulip’s Gmail-style search will delight you with how quickly you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Integrations that don’t intrude.

Zulip has many integrations and a powerful API to match. But here’s where it gets interesting: thanks to how Zulip categorizes messages, automated messages never overwhelm you. As with any topic in Zulip, they’re easy to focus on, skim, defer to later, or ignore—as appropriate.

As technical as you want to be.

Keyboard shortcuts? Check.
Syntax highlighting? Check.
Discuss code and technical topics with ease.

Everything else you need to be productive

Drag-and-drop file uploads, image pasting, group private messages, audible notifications, missed-message emails, desktop apps, and everything else you might want. Including emoji, naturally. And it's all open source under the Apache license!